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      Uptown Curl Lengthening Mascara - 01 Black Beauty

      Get ready to stir up a storm with a wink! Here is the SUGAR Uptown Curl Lengthening Mascara - fulfilling all your lash fantasies. Caution: You are about to be the...

      Arch Arrival Brow Definer

      Whether you like them naturally groomed or strikingly bold, perfecting your brow game is a fine art. With the new SUGAR Arch Arrival Brow Definer, you can now discover the artist...

      01 jerry brown 02 taupe tom 03 woody scooby 04 felix onyx

      Smudge Me Not Liquid Lipstick - 30 Peony Genie

      Sashay effortlessly from traditional to trendy with a dash of the medium pink wonder that Peony Genie is. A proven favourite with smokey eyes - this one is just so easy...