Suede Secret Matte Lipcolour


Plunge head first into high-pigmented matte fantasy with the SUGAR Suede Secret Matte Lipcolour! With a formula so lightweight that you'll forget you're wearing it and a finish so plush that...

01 Muslin Mauve01 Muslin Mauve
02 Plush Pink02 Plush Pink
03 Velvet Violet03 Velvet Violet
04 Crêpe Coral04 Crêpe Coral
05 Poplin Plum05 Poplin Plum
06 Taffeta Terracotta06 Taffeta Terracotta
07 Tweed Taupe07 Tweed Taupe
08 Brocade Burgundy08 Brocade Burgundy
09 Felt Fawn09 Felt Fawn
10 Satin Scarlet10 Satin Scarlet
11 Rayon Rose11 Rayon Rose
12 Linen Lilac12 Linen Lilac
13 Nylon Nude13 Nylon Nude
14 Tartan Tangerine14 Tartan Tangerine
15 Fleece Fuchsia15 Fleece Fuchsia
16 Silk Sangria16 Silk Sangria
17 Georgette Grape17 Georgette Grape
18 Batiste Berry18 Batiste Berry
19 Terry Tomato19 Terry Tomato
20 Chino Chocolate20 Chino Chocolate
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Plunge head first into high-pigmented matte fantasy with the SUGAR Suede Secret Matte Lipcolour! With a formula so lightweight that you'll forget you're wearing it and a finish so plush that it never feels dry even when it dries – your search for the ‘holy grail’ liquid lipstick is pretty much done.

Work this #MadeInItaly beauty to take matte to the max with a punch of opaque colour in every swipe. Dries quickly to a smooth matte finish without leaving your lips parched – this is your secret weapon to hack a luxurious pout! The SUGAR Suede Secret Matte Lipcolour boasts of a 12-hour stay and comes in a spectrum of highly-pigmented shades that complement a slew of complexions - make it your goal to own every one of them!

  • The lovechild of your fave hues, Muslin Mauve is a dramatic MLBB shade that punches up the natural pink of your lips with its mauve nude tint

  • Become the life and soul of any party with Plush Pink, a deep rose pink shade that will bring your pout to the forefront.
  • Channel your inner diva with Velvet Violet. This pop of dark raspberry announces your arrival even before you say “Hello!”

  • Reach for Crêpe Coral when your mood calls for some playful twinning of peach and coral. A single swipe of this shade will wake up any look

  • Swipe on Poplin Plum for all the good-girl-gone-bad vibes. Let the world see your confidence with each wear of this blackened plum shade

  • Get ready to rethink brown with Taffeta Terracotta, an edgy shade that blends red with mocha to give you the perfect earthy brown.

  • Not too pink and not quite grey, the dreamer in you will find the taupe rose of Tweed Taupe just enough to always help you shoot for the stars

  • Elevate your everyday look with Brocade Burgundy. Not for the faint-hearted, this burgundy shade will inject some major drama to your look

  • Raise the bar and add a dash of sophistication with Felt Fawn - a grey-toned beige shade for a gorgeous nude lip so you can play up other parts of your look

  • Up the glam factor in your everyday look with the unmistakable Satin Scarlet – a classic ‘oomph’ red shade that will be the ‘cherry on top’ for every OOTD of yours

  • Celebrate the marriage of two iconic hues of pink and red with Rayon Rose - a brick rose fantasy that is every girl's dream!

  • An ode to the gentle shades of a petal, Linen Lilac with its subtle mauve hues is the quickest way to cast a spell on everyone in sight!

  • Max out your love for nudes with the inimitable Nylon Nude - a delicate shade of pink that you'll have to fight hard to keep a secret

  • Pep it up with Tartan Tangerine! Packed with positive vibes, this orange hue with hints of red is the perfect pick for a day under the sun!

  • The perfect fix for all the times "you just want attention, you don't want (his) heart" - yes, this tone of Fleece Fuchsia is that legendary!

  • Get intoxicated with the irresistible Silk Sangria - a bold blend of purple and magenta that will drive all conversations back to your lips

  • Drench your lips in a heady punch of plum and mauve with Georgette Grape! Be warned though, this one sparks compliments and envy in equal measure

  • Strut about in your boldest best with Batiste Berry - a blast of deep plum that will paint your parade with all the glory of this gallant shade.

  • Treat your lips to the merry Terry Tomato! Pretty & bright, this red hue with hints of orange will give a new twist to your usual 'red lips' look

  • Surrender to your love for cocoa with Chino Chocolate - a deep matte brown shade that will play equally hard whether at work or at your next party!

How to Apply: Gently remove the excess from the applicator first. Use its curved tip to apply the liquid lipstick like a liner. Then swipe the lipstick on to fill in your lips.

Benefits: The SUGAR Suede Secret Matte Lipcolour applies wet then dries down to an ultra-matte yet ultra-comfortable finish that doesn't budge. Its formula is infused with moisturizing jojoba oil and shea butter that give lips a smooth, nondrying finish. The curved applicator is designed to hug lips of all shapes and makes it easy to stencil and colour in between the lines.

Additional Details: The SUGAR Suede Secret Matte Lipcolour is available in 20 sensational shades to choose from, viz. Muslin MauvePlush PinkVelvet VioletCrêpe CoralPoplin PlumTaffeta TerracottaTweed TaupeBrocade BurgundyFelt FawnSatin Scarlet, Rayon RoseLinen Lilac, Nylon NudeTartan Tangerine, Fleece Fuchsia, Silk SangriaGeorgette Grape!Batiste Berry, Terry Tomato!, and Chino Chocolate. This product is dermatologically tested & approved and 100% safe for your skin.
Made in Italy.
Size: 6 ml.

This product is dermatologically tested & approved and 100% safe for your skin.
Made in Italy.
Additional Information

01 muslin mauve, 02 plush pink, 03 velvet violet, 04 crêpe coral, 05 poplin plum, 06 taffeta terracotta, 07 tweed taupe, 08 brocade burgundy, 09 felt fawn, 10 satin scarlet, 11 rayon rose, 12 linen lilac, 13 nylon nude, 14 tartan tangerine, 15 fleece fuchsia, 16 silk sangria, 17 georgette grape, 18 batiste berry, 19 terry tomato, 20 chino chocolate